About Us

We are a car buying and consulting agency that acts as our clients personal agents. We locate, negotiate, and deliver the best possible deals on cars of all kinds for our clients. We take the stress out of the car buying process by providing incredible savings on both time and money and eliminating the games the dealerships play with our extensive knowledge of auto sales. 

We work for our clients and only our clients. As their advocates, we always look out for their best interests and eliminate possible conflicts by not accepting any form of compensation from any car dealerships.​

Meet Jim

Jim started Mass Car Buying Service back in 2012 after spending more than 20 years in the automotive sales industry and seeing how much money customers were leaving on the table when they would buy cars from the dealerships he worked in.

As a former General Sales manager of Bernardi Toyota and Director of Sales Administration at Prime Honda, Jim knows the automotive sales industry inside and out and knows what it takes to get his clients the best possible deal.