Buying a car from a dealership is hardly ever a pleasant experience. Horror stories are usually told about the experiences people have with car salesmen and dealerships. The pressure tactics and endless negotiations are enough to ruin anybody’s day. 

Services like TrueCar, Edmunds, KBB aren’t much of a help either as they only supply you with price quotes. They do not work for you. They work for the dealers (That’s how they get paid!) The dealerships pay these companies to lead you to them.

Luckily, you don’t have to experience any of that. Remove the stress and aggravation by having a professional agent work for you. We will accompany and advise you, while negotiating on your behalf to guarantee the best possible deal. ​

What We Do

  • Negotiate the price of the car
  • Negotiate any back-end products and features
  • Negotiate Warranties and Maintenance
  • Negotiate Leasing and Financing
  • Negotiate EVERY profit center the dealership has, including bank fees, lease rates and interest rates. 
  • Negotiate a higher trade in value for your old vehicle
  • Oversee all contract details and make sure they are as they should be before you put pen to paper
  • Personally accompany you to the dealership if desired.
  • Use our knowledge and connections to negotiate a better deal and price

What We Promise

  • ​We will save you from the aggravation of dealing with dealerships and salesmen yourself
  • We will save you precious time and money​
  • We will NEVER accept commission or compensation from a dealership
  • We will never pressure you into making a purchase​
  • We will always return calls promptly 
  • We will always look out for your best interests
  • We will always be transparent throughout the entire process. 
  • We will give straight answers to any questions you have
  • We will always remain available after the sale to answer any remaining questions you may have

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